While deciding whether or not to join U.S.R. Hippeia you may have several questions. In order to help you out we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions and their answers for you here on this page. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us by sending an email to info@hippeia.nl

I am an international student, can I become a member?
Yes, as an international student you can become a member of Hippeia. Whether you’re here for one semester or your entire bachelor/master, you’re always welcome to join us. Many international students join us not only to be able to continue their sports here, but also to make new friends. One of the benefits of becoming a member for you as international student is that you will join a group of Dutchies who, speak English, are willing to help you with learning the Dutch language, getting to know Utrecht and any other questions or problems you may have.

Do you offer lessons in other languages than Dutch?
Our instructor will take any foreign member into account. This means that the lesson will be given in Dutch but will be repeated in English for the non-Dutch speaking rider.

Can I get a try-out lesson?
Yes you can! You are always welcome at the stables during Wednesday evenings to get an idea of what the association is like. If you want to come and give riding a try, you can ask for a try-out lesson by sending an e-mail to the board at info@hippeia.nl.

What duties do I have as a member of Hippeia?
At Hippeia you have very little duties. One of them would be showing up if you have decided to become a riding member. You can cancel your riding lesson latest 24 hours in advance.

How often are there activities?
There are lots of activities every month. Every first Wednesday of the month we have drinks together at our pub in Utrecht. We also eat together once every month before the lessons on the third Wednesday of the month. The bar committee prepares a meal for everyone who wants to join. You can sign up for these meals (we call them “Daghap”) the day before and the costs are 4 euros. Apart from that there are different activities each month such as the national student competition and events organized by Hippeia’s event’s committee which include trail rides, jumping clinics, cross clinics, natural horsemanship and non horse-related activities.

When can I become a member?
You can become a member throughout the year. Hippeia has no deadlines for this. We also don’t do student hazing.

I don’t have any experience with horse riding, but I would like to learn. Is that also possible?
You sure can! Every so often stables ‘t Hoogt organizes a beginnerscourse for students with little to no experience with horse riding. In four lessons you will learn the basics of horsemanship after which you can join our beginners lessons on the Wednesday evenings. If you want more info about this, you can contact us by sending an email to info@hippeia.nl.