Becoming a member

Hippeia has several categories of members. The category in which you belong, depends on two things: whether you are a student and whether you ride in the Hippeia lesson on Wednesday. Students from all Dutch universities and all college courses may become a member of Hippeia. You do need to understand Dutch for the lessons themselves. Riding with Hippeia makes your time as a student so much more enjoyable! Hence we completely understand you wish to join us! Prefer getting to know us a little bit better first? Feel free to come visit us every Wednesday evening at the stables of Manege ‘t Hoogt to get to know us, and ride a trial lesson (maximum of 3 trial lessons). For further information send an e-mail to our board via


Riding student member
If you are a student, you may become a riding student member of Hippeia. That means you ride in one of the four lessons on Wednesday. As a riding student member your place in one of the lesson is guaranteed and you’ll get discounts on both the lessons and activities.

Non-riding student member
If you’re looking for fun activities and competitions, but you can’t or don’t want to take lessons on Wednesday evening, you can become a non-riding student member. Non-riding student members may take seperate lessons, but are not entitled to a place in the lessons. As a result, you’ll have to contact the stables whether there is a spot available. Non-riding members may participate in all activities on which they also receive discounts.

After graduating you can request the board to become a donator. As a donator you will get a spot in the lessons as long as there are enough places available, and you will receive discounts on the activities organized by Hippeia for her members. For more information please contact the board via

Honorary member
Honorary members are members who have contributed significantly to the club and therefore are appointed honorary member during a GMA. They are lifelong members of Hippeia.

The Hippocrene is not a category of members, but a group of former members of Hippeia who want to stay in touch with Hippeia. They are kept informed via the Biks and Slobber. Furthermore, the PR-committee organizes reunions for this group of valued Hippeians. When you end your membership, you can choose you to join the Hippocrene and thus stay connected to the association.