Horse-related Activities

The committees of Hippeia organize many activities with horses. They are always greatly participated in and the because of all the different activities that are organized, there is something fun for every Hippeian! Some activities take place montly or anually such as competitions, trailrides or camp. However, there are also lots of new activities organized. For information on addresses that we like to visit, look under the heading Hippeia’s Favorites.
A selection of horse-related activities that come back each year are listed below.

Trail Ride

The eventscommittee organizes regular trailrides. They are always well attended. The rides vary from a ride on the beach, a Tinkerride, a nightly Moonride or just a trail through the woods. In short: the Hippeians are in for anything. It is always ensured that the ride is adjusted to the level of riding of all members.

Jumping clinic

The jumping clinics are popular among Hippeians. Hippeia always selects a high quality equestrian centre which is specialized in jumping. During the selection we look into safety, variety of horses (beginners and advances) as well as diversity in jumping styles. During our own lessons on Wednesday evenings we have jumping lessons for each level every now and then. However, for the jumping sport lovers a jumping clinic cannot be missed. These jumping clinics can help you as a rider to become more proficient in jumping so that you can compete in the jumping concours during the national competition weekends.


One of the highlights every year is the camp! During the camp the caps and bags of candy are loaded into the car for a weekend of horse riding, laughing and partying. It’s the time when you get to know your fellow Hippeians and the ins-and-outs of the club. In addition to rides, other activities such as trail rides, clinics, western riding, swimming with horses are organized as well. Won’t be a lack of fun!